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Infor knows the importance of building software that offers the sophistication, speed, and power typical of private industry, focused clearly on the specific demands of federal agencies. Our products combine deep experience in federal software solutions with extensive expertise drawn from working with 70,000 customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

With our world class network of partners, we’ve addressed the most pressing requirements of a wide range of agencies, including the US Department of Defense and all uniformed branches, including the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard, as well as the US Department of Homeland Security. Our clients also include the US Treasury Department, US Congress, US Veterans Administration, US Department of Energy, and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Our solutions are compliant with the most demanding regulations, and are available for direct purchase from Infor partners through a wide range of contract vehicles, including NASA SEWP, GSA-70, STARS 8a, and many others. We also serve some of the world’s largest and most successful private sector organizations, including Kellogg Company, Heinz Frozen Food Company, Herman Miller, and many others. Infor federal solutions customers gain the benefit of private sector best practices along with focused expertise in the specifics of federal agency requirements.


Infor EAM Software Solution - Public Sector

Energy conservation and material management

Infor EAM is the only product certified by the US Department of Energy as an Energy Star Portfolio Manager solution, to ensure that you are monitoring and managing energy correctly according to the precise specifications and directions required of federal agencies.  With a fully integrated energy performance management module, Infor EAM makes it faster and easier for you to track and optimize the performance of energy consuming assets, which saves time, money, and energy in the daily operations of your agency.

Financial management and audit readiness

Infor financial management solutions offer unmatched security and scalability, with configurable features that allow agencies to adapt their Infor solution to suit specific government purposes, rather than being forced to shoehorn federal requirements into structures more suited to the private sector. With a complete range of capabilities for managing payables and receivables, as well as powerful reporting features, Infor financial management solutions can help any federal agency monitor costs and budgets with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

Supply chain and procurement

Infor supply chain solutions can help your agency take a more strategic approach toward procurement and streamline every step of your supply management process. With automated management of supplier relationships, punch-through features for accessing vendor web sites, and rich integration with your financial management system, you’ll be ready to transform the ways you receive, deliver, and replenish supplies while gaining a whole new level of control over spending.

Human resources and labor management

To help you manage a workforce subject to complex rules such as labor union contracts and civil service regulations, Infor human capital management (HCM) software speeds and simplifies the most complex labor administration tasks. With advanced talent management capabilities, Infor HCM solutions help you assign, deploy, and hire personnel with the right mix of skills and qualifications to ensure continuity and great service levels throughout your agency.

Healthcare automation

Infor Healthcare solutions help the world’s largest and most prestigious healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes and deliver world-class care. With a wide selection of fully HL7 and HIPAA-compliant software, Infor solutions can help improve quality of care for healthcare organizations of all sizes. By optimizing resources, streamlining your supply chain, helping you deploy skilled staff more efficiently, and connecting all data systems to improve decision making, Infor Healthcare solutions help you deliver on the promise of twenty-first century healthcare technology.

Advanced integration, cloud, and hosting technologies

Innovative technologies from Infor can also help your agency make the most of legacy systems and archived
data. Infor ION connection technology, which uses open standards such as XML to connect nearly all types of
systems and data types seamlessly and quickly, brings speed and flexibility to your technology.  Similarly,
Infor Business Cloud technology gives you unlimited deployment options, so that you can buy and implement the
same modern applications via cloud solutions, on-premises, or in a hybrid arrangement, according to your needs.
We offer our solutions under terms that satisfy all Federal CIO initiatives and contracting requirements with
respect to supporting federally focused cloud-based software.

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