Hospitality Enterprise Solutions and EAM Software

In the competitive hospitality industry, you need every advantage to decrease costs, improve profits, grow
your business, and keep your guests coming back for more. To do so, you need a technology partner that
understands your business and can deliver globally innovative solutions—whether your organization is a
hotel, resort, casino, or government lodging agency.

Like many hospitality companies, yours probably has a technology system that delivers front-of-the-house
property management system (PMS) data, but doesn’t combine that data with back-of-the-house financial
information for management reporting. As a result, you manage your plans, budgets, and forecasts with a
time-consuming, error-prone collection of unconnected spreadsheets, or try to get a generic financial
management system (FMS) to fit your hospitality requirements.  To make better decisions and drive more
revenue, you need to connect your hospitality-specific strategy and plans to your front- and back-office
systems. And to do that, you need multi-departmental hotel software that touches every area of your
business, whether it’s your financial and asset team; central reservations or corporate office;
on-property operations; sales, marketing, and loyalty team; maintenance group; or coordinators of labor
and staffing schedules. In other words, you all have to work from one common plan.

                                                   Infor Hospitality EAM
Streamline your operations, centralize your processes, and increase your bookings with Infor, the world’s largest software company with a commitment to the hotel industry. Join more than 13,700 hotels, resorts, gaming properties, and government housing facilities worldwide that use Infor hotel software, which was developed by technology experts who have more than 25 years of experience in hospitality. You’ll get better information, more efficient processes, and top-notch support and services. That means you can implement and support your applications around the world, and access additional applications as your business needs grow.

Because Infor Hospitality Enterprise solutions deliver the same type of user experience your employees are already familiar with via social media, they will be able to easily interact with the system and collaborate with the rest of your organization. And because all Infor applications share a common look and feel, your employees will easily be able to access multiple Infor applications.

At your fingertips, you’ll get: 

Actionable business intelligence, collaboration, real-time alerts and notifications, and enterprise searches—allowing you to react to user-generated content quickly and effectively, driving guest satisfaction and overall performance
Graphical dashboards that allow your management team to stay on top of what is happening across your business, and to initiate actions within the same dashboard
Role-based personalization for key business processes
• Specific access to critical information via the Internet
Embedded business intelligence that provides you with key performance indicators as you are making business decisions.

For the hospitality industry, managing the infrastructure of buildings, facilities, and equipment is
critical to the operational success of the hotel. At the same time, the hotel must comply with strict
quality and safety guidelines, along with the many service level standards to meet the needs of their
most valuable assets—their guests. Hotels focus on top line growth for revenue management, distribution
strategies, and creating guest loyalty to grow their revenue. But, overall profitability cannot be
measured without including the bottom line costs of building maintenance, facility costs, and energy

Hotels need a specialized enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that can help them understand
and effectively manage all facilities, equipment, and energy costs—a solution that will help
exceed their guests’ expectations.

Infor EAM Hospitality Edition is an advanced asset management system that combines best-in-class asset
management modules, unique features for improving operations and performance, and advanced modules
to ensure the best possible fit for your asset management needs.

As a web-architected system, Infor EAM Hospitality Edition allows you to access the functions through a
standard Internet browser, anywhere and anytime.  Infor EAM Hospitality Edition provides you with
knowledge about your business and helps you speed service to your guests.  Infor EAM Hospitality Edition
is also available as a hosted solution and can be deployed through a software as a service (SaaS) model,
allowing you to significantly reduce your total cost of ownership and better manage cash flow.

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Expect More From Infor Hospitality EAM

• Get higher returns. Integrate financial information and
  processes to manage room inventory and revenue.

• Integrate business applications. Share information
  across your business.

• Consolidate information. Track guest preferences,
  simplify reservations, book appointments, and deliver
  personalized service across multiple properties.

• Get to know your customers better. Identify your
  most profitable guests and figure out how to provide
  guest-centric service that will build loyalty and increase
  the value of each stay.

• Enhance back-office business processes. Automate
  and improve your finance, business planning and
  reporting, and human resources data.