EAM for Pharmaceuticals (Asset Management Software)

When pharmaceuticals companies like yours fail to comply with regulations—such as those issued by the
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—you can face fines, delays in getting products to market, and the
prospect of having the sale of a product blocked completely. The adverse impact on your bottom line
can be devastating.

To efficiently and cost-effectively manufacture and deliver safe, high-quality consumer products while complying with stringent government regulations, you need an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that offers advanced capabilities for tracking, traceability, audit trails, calibration processes, document control, and secure electronic records and signatures. With Infor EAM Pharmaceuticals Edition, you’ll be able to meet all of your compliance needs while simultaneously improving product innovation and quality. You’ll get tools for asset and work management, maintenance, asset sustainability, and other challenges specific to the pharmaceuticals industry.

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Attain operational excellence with Infor EAM Pharmaceuticals Edition, you’ll meet all of your EAM requirements with capabilities that include:

• Asset management. Identify, track, locate, and analyze physical assets. Facilitate metered usage
measurement and automatic usage value transmission to sub-components. Define time,
material, and labor costs in cost-charging arrangements. Track asset costs and movements
using an easily configured family tree that forms relationships between equipment, systems,
and locations.

• Preventive maintenance (PM). Base PM tasks on fixed dates, flexible time periods, or metered usage,
letting the solution adjust schedules to compensate for early and late work completion.

• Performance-based maintenance. Use real-time monitoring, analysis of asset performance, and alert
management to notify operations of potential problems before they disrupt production.

• Call center management. Centralize incoming maintenance requests and empower operators and
customer service representatives by giving them fast access to all the information they need to
handle maintenance, service, and asset management requests.

• Inspection management. Automatically generate corrective work orders when an inspection result
exceeds preset limits.

• Materials management. Monitor and control the inventories of storerooms with materials management
tools such as economic order quantity (EOQ), and class classifications and assignments. Manage parts receipts,
issues, returns, and cycle counts.

• Reports. Select from a variety of predefined reports including assets, materials, purchasing, schedule, work,
budget analysis, projects, and commercial services.  You’ll also be equipped with robust work management,
budget management, and purchasing and project management capabilities.

“Infor EAM Pharmaceuticals Edition helped us meet increasing demand for maintenance services and our customers’ rising expectations, as well as boost our level of cGMP compliance and significantly reduce our reliance on paper documents.”

—Jim Kroyer, Principal Engineer Equipment Reliability, BioMarin

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Infor EAM Pharmaceuticals Edition:


• Has over 25 years of specialized pharmaceuticals industry knowledge and
  experience built in.

• Helps you ensure regulatory compliance.

• Helps you meet 21CFR11 requirements.

• Helps you meet cGMP guidelines.


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