EAM For Life Sciences

Infor life science experts have been helping companies in the industry meet complex and
constantly changing business and regulatory requirements for decades. This proven technical
expertise and industry insight have been applied to produce Infor EAM for Life Sciences, an
industry-leading asset performance management solution. Infor EAM for Life Sciences has been
designed to help life sciences companies maximize their asset value, meet compliance standards, reduce
expenses, and increase return on investment of their assets. As a result, EAM for Life Sciences helps
companies make great strides in improving their operational efficiency and uncovering hidden profits.
With EAM for Life Sciences, Infor delivers specific capabilities to help life science companies meet the
requirements of 21CFR (Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations), a far-reaching set of regulations for
monitoring industries that produce pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and devices, food and beverages,
and personal care products.

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Infor EAM for Life Sciences is a web-based, enterprise asset management (EAM) solution offering advanced
capabilities for asset and work management, calibration processes, asset sustainability, and full support
for the security of electronic records and signatures. The solution helps life sciences companies address
critical industry-specific challenges.

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Achieve operational excellence with enterprise asset management

Infor EAM for Life Sciences features rich functionality to meet the diverse EAM requirements of life sciences
companies. Core capabilities include:

• Asset management. Identify, track, locate, and analyze physical assets. Facilitate metered usage
measurement and automatic usage value transmission to sub-components. Define time, material, and labor
costs in cost-charging arrangements. Track asset costs and movement using an easily configured “family
tree” that forms relationships between equipment, systems, and locations.
• Work management. Track all aspects related to work performed on assets.
• Preventive maintenance (PM). Base preventive maintenance tasks on a fixed date, flexible time period,
or metered usage, letting the solution adjust schedules to compensate for early or late work completion.
• Performance-based maintenance. Notify operations of potential problems before they disrupt production
through real-time monitoring, analysis of asset performance, and alert management.
• Budget management. Automate budget set-up and the subsequent capture, monitoring, control, and
analysis of associated maintenance expenditures.
• Call center management. Centralize incoming maintenance requests and empower operators and
customer service representatives by giving them fast access to all the information needed to handle
maintenance, service, and asset management requests.
• Inspection management. Automatically generate corrective work orders when an inspection result
exceeds preset limits.
• Materials management. Monitor and control the inventories of storerooms. Materials management tools
include economic order quantity (EOQ), and class classifications and assignments. The module also
supports management of parts receipts, issues, returns, and cycle counts.
• Project management. Automate complex or simple projects from initiation to completion.
• Purchasing management. Ensure the right parts are ordered and monitor delivery times, vendor
performance payments, and goods receipts.
• Reports. Select from a variety of predefined reports including assets, materials, purchasing, schedule,
work, budget analysis, projects, and commercial services.  Meet 21 CFR 11 requirements.


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Meet 21 CFR 11 requirements

• Print and electronically transfer records.  Print and export records in multiple
formats, including Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets and Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files.  
Plus, compile a record library that keeps track of progressive changes so
inspectors can see each alteration of a record. FDA inspectors will be able to
easily access critical records such as repair logs, inspection results, and
preventative maintenance accounts.

• Manage system access.  Set parameters to ensure password and ID integrity, such
as the number of days a user can keep the same password. An extensive network of
overlapping security controls prevents unauthorized users from electronically
signing a record, accessing functions outside their job, or altering records.
These authority checks provide controls to ensure stability and meet or exceed
the provisions of 21 CFR 11.

• Support audit trails.  Independently record selected database entries, changes,
and deletions with extensive auditing tools. Plus, track user IDs, altered fields,
changes to values, the date and time of a change, and whether the change was a
data insertion, update, or deletion.

• Maintain document control.  Control distribution rights and the ability to revise
documentation of protocols and procedures. Administrators can specify multiple
staff members who must approve changes to procedures such as calibrations or
inspection tasks.

• Support electronic signatures.  Ensure that each electronic signature is unique,
secure, and valid. Plus, keep track of when and by whom a document was altered,
so FDA inspectors get a clear audit trail to observe. The solution implements
electronic signatures through a pop-up screen whenever an action, such as a work
or purchase order acceptance or rejection, requires a signature.


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