EAM Energy Performance Management - Reduce energy costs

Energy costs are the fastest-growing operational expense for companies like yours, and with today’s shrinking margins, reducing energy costs is key to maintaining profitability. With the right energy performance management system, you can reduce your energy consumption and costs by 10% to 15%. You can also extend the life of your assets, deferring costly capital investments. With audit-grade technology and traceability around your assets, you’ll be better able to comply with regulatory and shareholder energy consumption reporting requirements, as well as ensure that your organization is meeting its own energy consumption initiatives. You can also protect revenue by meeting customer requirements for environmental impact, such as carbon emissions.

With Infor EAM Energy Performance Management, you’ll be able to meet all of these challenges by having direct access to the information you need to make informed decisions on reducing energy consumption and improving maintenance strategies. You’ll be able to operate more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction as a result.

Infor EAM Energy Performance Management Software

Infor EAM Energy Performance Management is one of the most comprehensive end-to-end energy and environmental technology platforms available today. It delivers the financial and physical controls an enterprise needs to be in full control of their sustainability, energy consumption, and the asset and operating infrastructure that underpins them.

With Energy Performance Management you now have the ability to establish sustainable energy policy and programs, monitor and measure your energy performance to determine the causes of energy waste and expense in a timely manner, and enact the activities and programs that allow you to mitigate or prevent these issues.

EAM Energy Performance Management Software Overview Brochure

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With Infor EAM Energy Performance Management, you'll have the power to:

• Establish an enterprise energy policy and enable energy monitoring, measurement, analysis, and communication at any level of your enterprise.

• Predict asset failure, perform maintenance when and how it's needed, and protect your operation.

• Detect and eliminate energy waste to reduce energy usage, costs, and environmental risks.

• Adjust your maintenance strategy based on performance, costs, impact, and benchmarking intelligence.

• Perform maintenance at the right time, not when the time is right, due to coordinated production and maintenance schedules.

• Know when to replace or extend asset life with a complete cost picture, including energy, in mind.


Energy Typically Accounts for 50% or More of Your Operating Costs

Developed by experts in asset and energy management, Energy Performance Management has more than 30 years of experience built in. Unlike other EAM systems, Infor EAM Energy Performance Management uniquely delivers the ability to:

  • Create energy and sustainability plans to ensure your organization can manage, measure, and reduce energy, greenhouse gas, water, and waste usage.
  • Understand your total cost of operation and maintenance with the only EAM module that combines acquisition, installation, maintenance, and energy costs.
  • Know the health of your assets, without using third-party technologies, thanks to built-in, condition-based monitoring.
  • Continuously monitor asset health, analyze performance data, and generate alerts based on precise diagnoses.
  • Let your staff work where and how they want to work, with a flexible mobile platform that seamlessly works with smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, or the web.
  • Get flexible deployment, either on-premises, in the cloud, or both. It's your choice. You'll get the same full-featured system either way-not a scaled-down version like some systems.